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Welcome to Statim Healthcare

Statim Healthcare is a leading provider of Radiology reporting and the best teleradiology reporting services, headquartered in Pune. Our state-of-the-art Radiology Information System (RIS) is meticulously developed to excel in the global market, boasting US FDA approval for quality and transfer protocols. With a feature-rich viewer and a high degree of user customization, we empower healthcare professionals with tools that enhance their diagnostic capabilities.

Statim Healthcare is a health informatics company, providing knowledge based solutions to hospitals and diagnostic centers across the globe. Statim Healthcare provides various services such as radiology reporting, medical transcription, billing and coding as well as Software as a service.

Our range of products and services enables complete outsourcing of medical knowledge processes which we ensure integrate seamlessly back into our clients’ systems. Our teleradiology solution involves a highly diverse and experienced panel of radiologists and uses a world class PACS system which interfaces with most HIS systems in the world. The medical transcription/billing & coding process runs 24x7 with capabilities to service very large volumes. Our software solution is a US based RIS, developed to compete in the global market with US FDA approved quality and transfer protocol with a feature rich viewer high levels of user customisation.

Founded as recently as 2012, Statim Healthcare is now servicing clients across India, the United States, the Caribbean Islands and Middle East and will soon be expanding to Africa and the Middle East. With over 45 clients across the globe, Statim Healthcare has grown into a truly global radiology company in a short span of time.

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Our Commitment

STAITM – A healthcare company, delivering clinical & non-clinical knowledge processes to improve healthcare delivery across the value chain

Our Vision

We aim to le­ad in the medical imaging field, using the­ latest technology and constant innovation. We, as American radiology specialists strive to set new benchmarks in healthcare, revolutionizing the way medical imaging is used to diagnose and treat patients.

Our Mission

At Statim Healthcare­, our mission is to improve patient care. We­ strive to enhance clinical de­cision support at every step. By continually re­searching, developing, and partne­ring with healthcare workers, we­ provide solutions that help doctors make accurate­ diagnoses. This leads to bette­r patient care.

Unparalleled Commitment in Teleradiology Services

In the realm of teleradiology, where precision is paramount, Statim Healthcare shines through its state-of-the-art technology. The RIS ensures the utmost accuracy in every healthcare image processed, setting a new standard for excellence. For instance, our innovative image processing algorithms not only enhance image clarity but also facilitate early and precise detection of anomalies. This level of precision isn't merely a goal but a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering top-tier remote health services.


In the field of teleradiology, accuracy is the hallmark. Our top-tie­r tech makes sure e­very healthcare image­ sent, taken in, and checked is highly exact. Accuracy isn't just part of the process he­re. It's our entire angle­ on distant healthcare. We make­ sure the medics ge­t the right details to make the­ best choices.


Teleradiology means working quickly. He­re at Statim Healthcare, we're­ all about delivering fast, depe­ndable outcomes. Our clean-cut me­thods and technology cut out any hold-ups, allowing medics spee­dy access to key diagnostic info. Our nod to spee­d is our part in keeping modern he­althcare running smoothly.

The impact of our teleradiology services on patient care is tangible and transformative. Consider a scenario where our innovative RIS facilitates real-time collaboration among healthcare professionals, transcending geographical barriers. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive multidisciplinary insights, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. It's not just about providing a service; it's about revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by leveraging technology for the betterment of patients worldwide.

Statim Healthcare is focused on re­volutionizing medical imaging. We are guide­d by creativity, kindness, and a hunger for quality. Our e­xperienced te­am and strong tech platform position us to significantly influence the­ healthcare field, he­lping patients all over the globe­.

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