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qXR for COVID-19

It is a testing time for all of us to take precaution against the Corona virus which has affected globally. We at Statim have taken this as a challenge and took a step to fight against this virus.

We are happy to inform you that we have tied-up with an Indian company to provide AI based tool QXR which provides COVID-19 detection reports.

qXR is CE certified and can interpret Chest Xrays in less than a minute.

a. Detect findings such as ground glass opacities and consolidation indicative of COVID19

b. Localize the lesions - indicate whether the lesions are bilateral and in which zones.

c. Detect the presence of cavities, nodules, pleural effusions, fibrosis and lymphadenopathy for an alternative diagnosis ruling out COVID19

d. Quantification of lesions can assist in monitoring progression of COVID19 patients

This capability is now being used in India, Italy & US to:

a. Determine which patients need to be tested further, home quarantined or admitted to the hospital

b. Monitor progression of COVID19 patients.

Best radiology services



Statim’s boutique radiology interpretation offering enables your diagnostic unit to cope with the growing dearth of on call radiologists. Our cutting edge teleradiology solutions, provides a cost effective way for diagnostic imaging centers to leverage our radiologists located across the globe to meet the critical standards of turnaround time and quality.

Our best in class tele-PACS solution eRAD, which requires a basic technological set up, has enabled even the remotest centers to report cases accurately and efficiently within the required time frame. eRAD, is a global leader in PACS integration, providing reader friendly user interface, 24x7 support and efficient storage solutions.

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teleradiology system

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Statim Healthcare is in partnership with Medical Integrated Solutions, a US based software firm with a proprietary medical coding and revenue cycle management platform. Medical Integrated Solutions seamlessly integrates with any type of medical practice.


Products & Services- eRAD

eRAD’s Meaningful Use-Certified RIS is a comprehensive solution designed from the ground up by a team of veteran imaging center operators, radiologists and programmers—all working together to solve real-world problems in today’s busy, multi-site imaging centers.

eRAD presents a scalable, web-based enterprise solution for radiology imaging workflow, with full support for distributed environments requiring global worklist access, eRAD PACS is the foundation for your radiology imaging workflow.

More than just a PACS, eRAD is a comprehensive workflow solution that addresses many of the challenges of today’s distributed reading environments. Since 1999, Healthcare groups and Teleradiology service providers in particular have relied on eRAD for its flexibility and configurability—for the innovative way it quickly moves images to the radiologist instead of the radiologist to the images. Evolving from one of the early web-based PACS for remote reading, eRAD has become so much more—offering a complete suite of tools and solutions designed to support the business of acquiring, reading and reporting from anywhere.

eRAD’s data transfer protocol offers secure, compressed, rules-based image transmission. eRAD’s Send Servers supplant VPNs and the standard DICOM gateway for fail-safe connectivity at remote and distributed sites.

eRAD’s data migration services provides for cost-effective, timely and professional migration of legacy DICOM data from PACS, as well as demographic/study data (inclusive of medical reports) from HIS, RIS and EMR systems.

Clinical Imaging Trials

Imaging Clinical Research Studies & Interpretation

Clinical Imaging Trials Radiology:

The drug discovery cycle requires imaging studies interpreted as a part of the workflow and compliance & regulatory management program. We provide radiological interpretations to pharmaceutical vendors & Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), and biotechnology organizations to reduce the time to market by supporting and assisting their Clinical Trials radiology reporting service. Our Clinical Medical Big Data scientists and Radiologists use software for modern statistics, machine learning/predictive analytics and image quantification to get the output required for reducing the TAT (Turn around Time) for speedier approvals.

Our Core Strengths:

Radiologists experienced in RECIST and WHO measurement criteria specially for PET (-CT) imaging in clinical trials & CT RECIST

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